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bsg_canon's Journal

Resources For Writing Battlestar Galactica Fanfic
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This community was created to offer shelter to the rag-tag fleet of Battlestar Galactica fanfic writers. Here you can discuss the joys and perils of writing BSG fanfic. If you have any nuggets of information regarding a character's personal history or other useful knowledge related to the show, please feel free to post them here. Also, if you are doing research for a story, feel free to post your questions here. Please read the rules before posting and if you have any questions please contact your friendly intergalatic mod, seattlegirl.


1. Please be considerate of your fellow members. There are no stupid questions here.

2. When posting nuggets of info, please note which episode and series (new or old) you got your information.

3. No unmarked spoiler comments or questions. If an episode hasn't aired in the USA, then PLEASE put it behind a cut-tag.

4. Please only promote communities that are related to Battlestar Galactica.